Tucson is one of the cities in Arizona that has the biggest population of Phoenix. The significant development of the economic in the city has been achieved through the help and support of both public and private industry sectors. Businesses grow tremendously in the city that even entrepreneurs who lived in other state decide to move to the city. One of them is Tom Hadfield who lived and worked as a serial tech entrepreneur in San Francisco. The increasing progress of start-up leaders searching for a quality, value-effective and with healthy economic location motivated Tom to leave San Francisco and settled in Tucson. Having a very low tax, simple and low cost of living, great people around and supportive community are also an edge why others decided to settle down at Tucson.

As an entrepreneur who is striving to get a start-up off the ground, the kind approaches and pieces of advice of the people around, making introductions and understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship can be very helpful in people like Tom Hadfield. He did get all the help he needs in his business especially from those kind entrepreneurs in Tucson who introduces him to a potential customer, investor or job applicant.

According to Hadfield, every business in Tucson like bars and restaurants are crowded with entrepreneurs that have the same mission to build companies that will change the world in general. Their energy is contagious to those who are just starting entrepreneurs. Every night of the week there were gatherings in the area of the huge number of top quality investors in the United States, regardless of their particular area of .interest and capabilities.

Tom Hadfield has originally come from Brighton England. At a young age, Tom launched the sports website that was lately purchased by ESPN for $40 million in 1999. He was only 17 years old during that time. He continues his college degree and graduated from Harvard University in Boston where he worked there as the CEO of biotech firm Aero Designs for four years. In 2013, Tom moved to Silicon Valley with his wife. They lived in Mill Valley, north side of San Francisco where he opened a company called Fetch that serves as a digital personal assistant service that operates via text message.

Hadfield emphasized that starting a business is not as easy as we think it is. Competing with tech giants like Google and Facebook for the best skilled in Silicon Valley is seemingly difficult for start-ups who are just using initial capital. Another factor that makes Tom Hadfield ends up in a decision to move to Tucson is the cost of living crisis in Silicon Valley and unavailability of inexpensive housing. Together with his wife they started taking notes and look for a place with a community of tech entrepreneurs, good climate condition, and low cost of living like Tucson City. They both lived and worked there since then until they decided to put up a business in the area. Tom Hadfield hopes the high quality and low cost of living in Tucson could be of a great help in recruiting great people from around the country to relocate in a cool place to live and build your dreams in the great city of Tucson Arizona.

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