Recently the Tucson Marriott University Park filled with hundreds of people attended and watched the competition of 16 startups which will compete to pitch their business best to probable investors. Being successful in the competition would provide a big opportunity for the startups aiming for their businesses to succeed.

SEO Ranker Agency, a digital marketing company was one local Tucson business who was in attendance. They are looking to connect comic accord with their clients and promised enormous built-in user base investors. Nowadays, a lot of events like this happened in the United States and even around the world which drags a thousand of attendees, especially during weekends.

An additional company from the founders of InHouse came. This company offers help in realtors administer their online marketing tools which have the main goal of helping their clients to save time, money and to make an appearance that is being consistent to all of their marketing.

This contest has taken place for 18 years but was under new management for the last two years and became one of the larger festivals since. This Idea Funding contest has the main purpose of helping the city of Tuscon to create an intellectual achievement of entrepreneurship and become well known in the world of startups.

Making the goal possible of motivating and attracting people from different communities and other places around the country to come to Tuscon is also of the purpose of events like this. They believe that there’s no reason that they can’t do it because of the same components that they have with any other cities around.

The IdeaFunding had inspired other business organizations to do the same goal that they have in helping startups to accelerate and grow. The Startup Tucson Chairman and CEO believe that basis that the IdeaFunding had built became a strong anchor to the festival.

There is also an event called Shark Tank-esque IdeaFundinf which now working as a part of 10 West. Helping business entrepreneurs and train them with the correct tools they need in building a successful business. This is an entertainment event which holds concerts, happy hours and many other social events. Their desire is to attract and show young entrepreneurs that they can achieve success in Tuscon and enjoy life at the same time.

Except for entertainment event, there is also a major education and networking components in the event which has two tracks; a tech track and a business track. The business track provides seminars and training while the tech track provides and offers things like virtual reality, online games, 3-d printing, rapid prototyping and internet related things.

Different events like these motivate and give hope to the entrepreneurs who aim high for their businesses. It would inspire them in any way, and make them interact with other entrepreneurs who had been successful along the way.

IdeaFunding has been gathering the Arizona’s entrepreneurs, startups, managers, mentors, investors, and advisers for a long time. They never failed in promoting the development of starting and growing companies that could help in bringing skilled jobs and economic acceleration if the city, state, and region.

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